Welcome to Certified Astrology Services

Moris Hoch, C. A., NCGR-PAA          

My name is Moris Hoch (“Hah’sh”) 
I am a Certified Astrologer, a title that signifies the successful completion of many hours of study, taking classes, writing exam papers, and sitting for exam tests*. That said, I am also self-taught, beginning my study of astrology one sunny spring day in 1993, the day I casually bought a copy of Dell Horoscope Magazine, at a newsstand while strolling down Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.  I was soon doing charts by using an Ephemeris and Table of Houses, and later by Apple Mackintosh personal computer and astrology software. 

The first thing about astrology that I learned is that an accurate birth time is a necessary first step — much later I learned how the birth time can be “rectified” from the dates and times of stand-out life events.  Whether you have an exact birth time or not, I can help you to understand your horoscope and to reveal its hidden information for understanding self and others, as well as solving life’s questions, puzzles, and dilemmas.

Here are the astrological services I offer:

  • Consultation: Online/Telephone — a 60-minute confidential conversation to discuss and review your current, past, and present life circumstances in the light of astrological charts.  The goal is to consider solutions to your questions and concerns.  This session can also serve as an overview and interpretation of your horoscope.

  • AstroAlertMe™ — a monitoring service that reports and interprets planetary transits relevant to you, such as planetary transits through houses and signs of your natal and progressed charts.

 *I am certified by the NCGR-Professional Astrologers Alliance